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Domestic Violence Community Education

Hope House provides speakers to better educate our Kansas City metro area about domestic violence issues. Listed below are the lessons we prepared to share with your organization.


General Domestic Violence Education

Available to teens, community organizations, businesses, schools and churches, Hope House presentations can be adapted to the time available. Speakers’ Bureau topics include:

  • What is domestic violence?
  • Hope House services
  • Domestic violence in the workplace
  • Date rape/abuse
  • Teen dating violence
  • Positive parenting


Domestic Violence in the
Workplace (1 hour)

Designed for employees, employers, supervisory and management staff to provide information about:

  • Domestic violence
  • How to keep the workplace safe from domestic violence
  • How to help employees who may be survivors of domestic violence


Domestic Violence In-service Training (2 hours)

Designed for nurses, physicians, medical students, counselors and social service professionals to provide information about:

  • How to identify a victim of domestic violence
  • Resources available to survivors
  • How to screen a possible victim of abuse


Interdisciplinary Approach to Domestic Violence (1 day)

Designed for domestic violence professionals to provide information about:

  • How to identify a victim
  • How to access services for survivors


Domestic Violence Training for Law Enforcement Professionals (4 hours)

Designed for police officers and other law enforcement personnel to provide information about:

  • Power and control wheel
  • Why a survivor stays or returns
  • Hope House and community services available to survivors
  • A survivor’s story

To learn more, please contact our Community Engagement Manager, Anne Aubuchon.